Bambooman presents: Sound Healers Vol. 1

Superb free download compilation of hip hop and future beats by Leeds producer Bambooman, featuring my track ‘Metal & Wood’…

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Here’s what the Inhabit online blog had to say:

Leeds based producer Bambooman has carefully crafted a 15 track compilation to exhibit the sounds of some of the finest up and coming electronic beats from every corner of the globe. Kirk Barley, aka Bamboomman, shows a real venturing ear for beats that lean, swish, skip, punch and reverberate around a composed infrastructure of samples creating jazzy, soulful, bluesy and ambient melodies and effects.

And not only proving his talent as a true tastemaker, Bambooman himself proves a real craftsmanship when delivering a beat of his own entitled ‘Drips’. Like the other tracks on the album Bambooman shows an influence from the west coast of the United States, yet is awash with the sonic palette surrouding the UK.

Featuring Soosh/ S.Marharba / Blank and Kytt / Crewdson / Zack Christ / Deft / Danaet / Sina / Kashmere / Jon Phonics / Option Command / Rooflight / Grouphums / Bambooman and more


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