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Hugh Jones is a live electronic performer, producer, teacher, instrument builder and musician. Live as in the studio, he creates sound from machinery, found items, manipulated vocals, saxophone, traditional concertina and his self designed ‘Concertronica’ which he samples and manipulates through his idiosyncratic electronic set up, controlling his sounds with digital game controllers and (another original design) midi motorcycle handlebars. As well as his solo project ‘Crewdson’, Hugh Jones plays live with Matthew Herbert and Hello Skinny and has remixed for the likes of Brownswood, Four Tet, Accidental, Sunday Best and Ninja Tune. His debut album ‘Gravity’ came out in 2011 on underground experimental London label Slowfoot Records.

email – crewdson [at] live.co.uk                        




Crewdson gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music Foundation



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