TOYS – album

My new album TOYS is out now on the ever wonderful Slowfoot Records. Its available on 12″ vinyl and CD and you can read more about it below…

It’s been 5 years since producer, composer, musician and instrument builder Crewdson [aka Hugh Jones] released his debut and only album to date ‘Gravity’ via Slowfoot Records in 2011. When he announced his arrival with his 12” ‘Dust EP’ a few months earlier he was hailed as one to watch amongst his ʻpost-dubstepʼ peers, “…blowing jazz and glitch into the vessels sails”, and both releases drew huge acclaim from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Clash, XLR8R, Time-Out, BBC, Future Sequence and The Fader to name but a few.

A video single and remix EP followed in 2012 but you might otherwise be forgiven for thinking that the newly relocated producer – from South London to the South Downs – has been idly whiling away the years away from music. You would of course be gravely mistaken. In the intervening years Crewdson has produced remixes for the likes of Ninja Tune, Lo Recordings, Sunday Best and Brownswood Records. He has been releasing records as one half of electronic soul duo Eckoclick alongside eclectic pop singer Femme. He has been the right hand man to renowned electronic producer Matthew Herbert both on and off stage since 2009 and also now runs Herbert’s Accidental Records. He has been writing music for fashion shows wearing pieces from The Fifth Collection for prominent designers Paul Smith and Phoebe English, collaborated with London’s National Centre for Circus Arts on a bespoke performance, worked with fashion designer Jodie Cartman to create a range of playable musical headpieces, has been on tour as tech support to Thom Yorke and has contributed sounds to the rescoring of the first ever British sci fi movie ‘A Message From Mars’ as a part of The New Radiophonic Workshop in collaboration with the BBC and the BFI. He has also been building a myriad of weird and wonderful hardware electronic musical instruments such as The Odd Box, The Concertronica, The Eggiophone and The Sonic Bonnet…

Crewdson’s second album ‘TOYS’ owes much to these instruments, which have increasingly become central to his production methods and sound and which also provide the albums title and imagery. They also provide a clue as to his music’s direction. Where the music on ‘Gravity’ blended jazz inflected harmony and concrete soul with his trademark skewed electronics and tumbling beats, ‘Toys’ is more informed by the harmonic, lyrical and sonic ideas found in folk music and his instruments such as the Concertronica perfectly reflect this meeting of folk and technology, the archaic and the futuristic – a modification of an old concertina, an instrument synonymous with traditional folk music in the UK and elsewhere, he uses The Concertronica to perform the rich sonic textures of processed violins on the track ‘Bottle Rain Smoke’, a nostalgic swansong to the rave culture of his youth re-framed as a time-stretched folkloric memory in which he intones “Send the ravers home…”.

The folk influence is also felt on tracks like ‘Funny Games’, a dreamy bucolic haze inspired by his relocation to the South Downs, and ‘Eyes In The Back of Your Head’, a kind of folkloric comedy/horror set to a loping electronic groove whose episodic narrative tells the tale of six disappearing men and their ultimate discovery having escaped their wives’ cries and taken refuge in alchohol – strangely reminiscent of the cross-genre experimentation of Ben Wheatley’s hallucinatory historical drama ‘A Field in England’. Tracks like these make a case for reclaiming the ‘folktronica’ title away from its previous perhaps unwarranted and unwanted attributions.

The frenetic opener of ‘Waterflow’, with its cascading rhythmic loops, and ‘Children’ are vocally reminiscent of the naïve charm of early Eno and elsewhere the jazzier elements of Crewdson’s debut ‘Gravity’ return as on the infectious ‘Stanner Nab’ with its crisp and yet deliciously wonky sax lines and ‘Saxbell’; a glistening ride through floating harmonies. Instrumentals ‘Membrane’ and ‘DBWabble’ and the glorious minimal percussive workout that underpins ‘Whisky Box’, remind us of why Crewdson is so revered as a producer. His highly skilled and inventive production draws on a myriad of post-rave styles – garage, dubstep, techno, broken beats – and comparisons can be made to the electronic explorations of the likes of Flying Lotus, Polar Bear, Fourtet; plus contemporaries Mount Kimbie, Micachu and Jon Hopkins’ work with King Creosote – but the manner in which he assembles his choppy beats, skittering electronics and trademark collage of treated percussion and found sound results in music that stands out as unmistakenly his own.

With ‘Toys’, with its effortless marriage of cutting edge electronic sonics with folk inspired song-form, lyrical ideas and instrumentation, Crewdson has delivered a stunning album which is at once archaic and futuristic, folk and tech, accessible and experimental, danceable and introspective, naïve and sophisticated, heart-felt and humorous.


The Eggiophone

The Eggiophone is a fully chromatic controller instrument made out of plastic eggs, conductive black paint made by Bare Conductive and a Teensy microcontroller. In addition to the pitched eggs there are 3 potentiometer knobs and 5 momentary buttons which I use to move up and down octaves and as gated loopers. As the Eggiophone is a midi controller it can be used to play any sound in the world when connected to midi audio software such as Ableton, Logic, Reason etc via a standard USB cable.


Photographed by Adam Luszniak



A new collaborative project with headwear and fashion designer Jodie Cartman. Together we are building a collection of wearable technology beginning with a series of playable musical headpiece controllers. More information on the headpieces can be found on our SENSEries website:

“I love that the aesthetic of the headpiece, the interaction, the music, and the performance all fuse together. So, it’s a MIDI controller – it could be anything – but there’s a singular statement of style.” Create Digital Music

“One thing’s for sure: we can certainly see Bjork wanting to experiment with this” The 405

Paul Smith – Music for ‘A Suit To Travel In’

I created a new piece of music for the promotional campaign of a new Paul Smith suit – A Suit To Travel In. It is being showcased around the world by members of The National Centre For Circus Arts and the music was made entirely from recordings of the performers in action.

‘A Message From Mars’ – BFI

As part of The New Radiophonic Workshop I created and contributed some sound design to the new Matthew Herbert score for the 1913 silent film A Message From Mars. Widely credited as the first ever British science fiction film it has been painstakingly resorted by the BFI and the BBC .

Eckoclick – ‘Dream In Colour’ Video

My collaborative project with Femme has made its first video for our forthcoming track ‘Dream In Colour’. Filmed on a wet and windy day in Brighton its a typical day out at the British seaside. The video is premiered over on The Fader website and the debut EP featuring this track is coming out on 8th September on Sonic Router Records. You can pre order the 12″ vinyl now here.

Keep up to date with all things Eckoclick on our facebook page.

Mini Documentary

Short documentary about my weird musical creations made by Ruthie Woodward, on this video I’m going to play some music for you. Items include the Oddbox, The Concertronica, The Augmented Music Box plus some new ideas that are still in the pipeline.

The Concertronica

The Concertronica is a controller instrument based around the design of a traditional Concertina.

Each of the two ends has 10 momentary push buttons, whilst the ‘bellows’ action – rather than using air – uses strings on a pulley system that have been hacked out of some old gametrak playstation controllers.

The 4 strings each give a distance measurement as well as an X/Y position, so 3 parameter readings for each string. The base of each string has a pair of RGB LEDs which makes for a really spacey light show when the instrument is being played!

The analog signal is carried from one end to the other using a 26 D-sub connection which I have soldered a bespoke cable for, not something I would recommend doing to anyone else! The instrument is powered via a USB connection to an Arduino which is housed in one of the ends. I am using Max/Msp to convert the signal into midi which I am then sending to Ableton Live.

Each of the wooden ends is made from an old Concertina case. I had thought of using broken instruments but generally Concertinas that look lovely and old are lovely and old (and worth a lot even when broken!) and it would have been a travesty to start chopping them up.

The leather hand straps were purchased from a chap who builds and repairs real concertinas, they are straps to fit an Anglo Concertina. The buttons I made from scratch using wooden dowling and then stained with some wood varnish. They sit on the analog ‘push to make’ switches as shown in the right hand image below.






So far I have been using the Concertronica as a live sampling instrument for my own voice as well as for harp. The buttons serve either to trigger samples, create loops of turn effects on. While the motion of the strings is mapped to the parameters of the different effects. It has been used live for concerts with William Adamson as well as a performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ at London’s Barbican centre last year. However its found its rightful home in the new folk project that I have started – scroll down the page to watch a video of it in action…

Photography by Adam Luszniak

Crewdson & Cevanne at Handel House

Towards the end of last year I began a new musical collaboration with the harper and singer Cevanne who amongst many other things is the current composer in residence at Handel House Museum where we were lucky enough to premier our debut performance.

The track is called ‘Butter Hill’, which is a disused underground oil depot just north of Chester. All of the sounds are made up of recordings taken from there. I’m playing my newly designed instrument the ‘Concertronica’, more on that soon…

Membrane Midi Controller

This is my latest self built instrument. Its a midi controller with 2 membrane ribbon controllers, 12 velocity sensitive button/pads (with jazzy 3 colour leds in) and a couple of gold knobs and a switch which were salvaged from an old radio. All running usb bus powered by an arduino and using max/msp to turn the signal into midi for use in Ableton. Will post a little demo video up here when I get a chance.

Photographed by Adam Luszniak

Maps and other synths…

Made a few new synths fresh for 2013. Carved, Maps and Cigar varieties. I am currently working on a more ambitious project desiging and building a brand new controller instrument based on the physical design of a concertina. Pics to come soon…

Gravity Remixes

Gravity Remixes EP is a collection of remixes of material from the album, commencing with a punchy, vocal led original entitled ‘Bent Measure’.

Label mates and afro-kraut experimentation unit Snorkel take on the beatific minimalism of Cascade and turn it into a Battles-like stomper, complete with bonus trombones. Alphabets Heaven tackles the skittish behaviour of Dust Crawlers, turning it into a soulful post-hip-hop number.

Tom Skinner, aka Hello Skinny, now of the Slowfoot parish, deconstructs the big-beat-meets-sax- solo monster Electric Wing  into the intro theme for an Amiga game that never was.

Bambooman’s trademark late night dust and intimate chill is brought to the party on Trapdoor. Meanwhile Chester’s Real brings his punchy, soulful take on UK garage to Crewdson’s own punchy, soulful take on UK garage.


‘Sandstone’ Video – Directed by Callum Bain


Amazing video for my new track ‘Sandstone’ exclusively available at from May 28th.

Directed by Callum Bain

Directors of Photography – Adrian Fan & Alice Whitby ( )
Hair & Make up – Rhea Le Riche ( )
Dancers – Jodie Cartman & Laura Bettinson
Produced & Edited by Callum Bain

Special Thanks to Martin, Tony & Bailey @Studio Time, London
Directors of Photography – Adrian Fan & Alice Whitby
Hair & Make up – Rhea Le Riche
Dancers – Jodie Cartman & Laura Bettinson
Produced & Edited by Callum Bain

Special Thanks to Martin, Tony & Bailey @Studio Time, London

New Remixes

I’ve been doing quite a lot of remixes recently that have had some great respones inlcuding radio play by the likes of Gilles Peterson and Nick Luscombe. People that I have remixed include Finn Peters, Deco Child, La Shark, Breton, Bambooman, Snorkel, Planningtorock…

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Lowriders Beatitude

I have a new track ‘Mini-Giblet’ being released by dutch tastmakers Lowriders Collective. It’s part of a compilation of new music by producers from all over the world. The comp is available as a digital album and also as an exclusive limited tape cassette. You can order the hand numbered cassette from Juno and listen to the whole album below.

The future of broken beat fidgety glitchhouse,  London-based producer Crewdson makes it a bit more eclectic, if at all possible, with Giblet. The song is 4:37 long on the outside, but the ride it takes you on seems to last for hours.

Gilles Peterson Mixtape

I was asked to do a mixtape for Gilles Peterson’s radio show. Great chance to showcase the usual suspects – Bambooman, Saltwater Samurai, Robert Logan, Dimbleby…

Listen to the mixtape online


Crewdson – Electric Wing (Slowfoot)
Avelino Pitts (Gold) – People Will Be People (Jazzman)
‘Alexander Robotnik 20th Anniversary Series’ – Untitled (Side B) (NDATL Muzik)
Praed – Rocket (Outhere Records) (Annihaya)
Soil And Pimp Sessions – Sexual Hungry (JYC)
Mama Milk – Rosa Damascena (Windbell Four)
Crewdson – Cascade (Slowfoot)
Pharoahe Monch – Agent Orange (Rawkus)
Paul White – African New Wave (One Handed)
Paul White – Stampeding Elephants (One Handed)
Indigo Jam Unit – Fuel For The Fire (Basis)
Hannes Netzell – It’s Your Time (Junk Yard)
Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – Mi Corazon (K 7)
Dauwd – Shimmer (Pictures)

::Worldwide Family Mixtape – Crewdson::London, England
Finn Peters – Purple & Yellow (Crewdson Remix) (Mantella)
Robert Logan – Error Message (Slowfoot)
Born Ruffians – I Need a Life (Four Tet remix) (Warp)
Dimbleby & Crewdson – Bad Luck (White)
Bambooman – Movements (White)
Saltwater Samurai – Trapped In A Megadrive (White)

Howie B – Down With The Dawn (White)
Two Banks Of Four – Foggy Dew (White)
James Blake – Not Long Now (Atlas)
Mr Raoul K – Untitled Tk 5 (White)
Joe Goddard – Gabriel (Greco-Roman)

Bambooman presents: Sound Healers Vol. 1

Superb free download compilation of hip hop and future beats by Leeds producer Bambooman, featuring my track ‘Metal & Wood’…

Get the FREE download

Here’s what the Inhabit online blog had to say:

Leeds based producer Bambooman has carefully crafted a 15 track compilation to exhibit the sounds of some of the finest up and coming electronic beats from every corner of the globe. Kirk Barley, aka Bamboomman, shows a real venturing ear for beats that lean, swish, skip, punch and reverberate around a composed infrastructure of samples creating jazzy, soulful, bluesy and ambient melodies and effects.

And not only proving his talent as a true tastemaker, Bambooman himself proves a real craftsmanship when delivering a beat of his own entitled ‘Drips’. Like the other tracks on the album Bambooman shows an influence from the west coast of the United States, yet is awash with the sonic palette surrouding the UK.

Featuring Soosh/ S.Marharba / Blank and Kytt / Crewdson / Zack Christ / Deft / Danaet / Sina / Kashmere / Jon Phonics / Option Command / Rooflight / Grouphums / Bambooman and more


Synth Box

This is a home made synth box that I have been making. It sounds pretty sci fi. I will have a very limited few for sale soon, contact me if you would be interested in one. Photos by Adam Luszniak.

Matthew Herbert’s One Pig

I am performing as part of the live band for Matthew Herbert‘s live show for the project One Pig. The show involves an electronic Pig Sty Harp created and played by Yann Seznec alongside Tom Skinner, Sam Beste, Matthew, myself and a chef who will be cooking as part of the performance. The first performance is at The Royal Opera house in London. The shows will be listed in the live section.


Debut full length album from Crewdson. Available on iTunes, Boomkat, Juno, or direct from Slowfoot Records.

“A fantastic debut from the London-based producer, full of intriguing promise.” [BBC]

“Eleven fantastic post-dubstep/micro-house tracks from Matthew Herbert’s tech assistant and fine south-east London producer Crewdson” [Time Out]

” ‘Gravity’ is a wonderful achievement. A sensual marriage of skippy 2-step rhythms, throbbing bass and delicate arrangements. Crewdson is moving bass music beyond its post-dubstep moniker.” [Clash]

“Yeah, that’s nicely different from Crewdson, ‘Electric Wing’ on an album to watch out for called ‘Gravity’.” [Gilles Peterson, Radio 1]

“Simply put, this is brilliant and highly recommended” [Future Sequence]

“Gravity establishes Hugh Jones as a beatsmith on par with any of his contemporaries mining the fertile soil around the edges of modern soul, dubstep and esoteric electronica.” [Cyclic Defrost]

“Crewdson is a fresh UK producer soon to be inducted into the Hall of Precious Electronic Sounds, particularly following the release of his debut LP, Gravity.” [XLR8R]

“Though there are obvious debts to his influences, particularly FlyLo, Herbert and Four Tet, Gravity does sound like the beginning of the emergence of a singular voice.” [Muso's Guide]

“hugely danceable and yet intrinsically exploratory.” [Crack In The Road]

Starting Out On The Wrong Foot by crewdson

Saltwater Samurai

My band Saltwater Samurai have some new tracks recorded and ready to play out. We have been enjoying support from Gilles Peterson, Nick Luscombe and Jez Nelson. Remixes coming soon from the likes of Kwake Bass, Tom Skinner, Bambooman and Monk-Wilson. Check the live page for gigs.

Trapped In A Megadrive by Saltwater Samurai

Dust EP

Dust EP on limited 12″ vinyl featuring remixes from the mighty Bassclef and Ninja Tune’s Grasscut. Available now from Slowfoot Records.

“Deeply inventive, forthcoming EP ‘Dust’ has already gained some fantastic reviews. Removing the flab from dubstep, Crewdson harks back to the skeletal post-garage of Burial – emotive, introspective and shrouded in mystery.” [Clash Magazine]

“Dust Crawlers is typically slippery, constructing delicate cascades of sound from tiny percussive events and whisking the listener through a bewildering succession of reverb spaces. Confident, and just about confusing enough to be fascinating.” [The Wire]

“…showcases his unusual yet inventive approach toward assembling beats in an ad hoc manner” [Lineofbestfit]

“There’s a disembodied voice kicking around the sound of a hundred cassette decks unspooling at once. But he’s got a beat to counteract, tiny percussion and a broken snare, as though he’s throwing the literal kitchen sink full of instrument junk at our stupid American desire to box him in.” [Fader]

“With his hybrid sound Crewdson certainly is one to watch in 2011. Ahoy!” [Electronic Beats]


Dust Crawlers by crewdson